A narrow set of friends – Part 2

OK, this is my first two part-er blog post. I was not planning this, but since I posted the first part, I have had a few more thoughts on the subject that deserve another post.

This week, I was thinking a a bunch about what I wanted to do with my photography business. This is a part time business that I haven’t done too much with lately and I want to do bit more with it. Just not sure what at this point. Anyway, as I was considering some options, I thought about all of the people I have met and am now friends with because of photography. When you have a big camera at a ballroom dancing completion or in a national park, it kind of gives you an excuse to go up to other people with big cameras and start talking and people come up to you too. I really like it because I am really enthusiastic about photography and love the opportunity to talk shop and learn what others do.

Well, as I was thinking of the many friends I have made through photography, I started thinking about how I made some of my other friends. Another obvious way I have met friends is through my wife’s business. She is an independent consultant for a stamping and scrapbooking company. I normally would not get to meet many of her peers, except she has done a great job with her business and has earned some incentive cruises over the past few years. I have made a lot of great friends through these cruises. So, maybe this is another duh moment for all of you, but this is how I make friends, through groups I am involved with. Here are my biggies:

  • Neighborhood
  • Church
  • Work
  • Photography events
  • My wife’s stamping and scrapbooking business
  • Ballroom competitions and programs (all my children do ballroom dancing)

So, in my last post, I realized that with my neighborhood, church, and work, I meet a lot of my narrow set of friends. Even with ballroom, I meet some of the same narrow set, because ballroom is big here where I live and the same group get involved. Now, if I am trying to broaden my narrow set of friends, the best group I am currently involved with would be photography. My wife’s business is good too, but I can’t as easily control the events I am involved with. So, I think I have my starting point: photography. I think I wondered if this was the answer in the part 1 post, but it is much clearer now. I already love photography and want to learn more, so as I learn, I make new friends. By the way, let me digress a bit on my duh moments. Sometimes duh things just need to be told to you by someone else or even put into writing before they become so obvious. Regardless of whether they are duh moments or true epiphanies, the result is the same – I learned something.

The next step will be to figure out the plan of action. Should I be more involved with online forums or interest groups? Maybe I should join in some of my local photography and make some non-cyber friends. I think either answer will get me started. I already did some work today on making friends when I was out at a festival and there were some photographers selling some of their work. I chatted with all of them. With one, I introduced myself and we had a nice conversation and hopefully our paths will cross again.

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A narrow set of friends
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