This blog is about me and my quest, as I will call it, to learn more about myself through examining the events of my life a bit more carefully by blogging my life. By blogging my life, it makes me think about things more thoroughly and work harder to articulate my thoughts, which both help me to learn more about myself. Also by blogging, I am sharing my thoughts and am hoping that you will encourage me, add to what I have said, or tell me you think I am wrong. Your feedback will be very helpful to me on my quest.

What’s in it for you? Well, at a minimum, I hope that you find what I have to say interesting. If not, I am sure you will not be back. Beyond this, maybe something I say will create a spark for something good in your own life, but that s totally up to you. I would not presume to have any wisdom or advice for others. I am just pursuing my quest and if by chance something I say can be of use to you, it is a bonus.

To be successful on my quest, I need to make a commitment to actually post regularly and not charge forward with enthusiasm that dies off after a few months. I think the real benefit will be to do this long enough to where it becomes a habit to look at the events of my life and their impact on me. So, I am committing to a post at least once every seven days until I reach 100 posts. This means I will be done in just less than two years. When I reach 100, I will re-evaluate what the next step is. Also, each post is limited to no more than one hour to write. This will prevent me from trying to write an epic with each post or let writing consume my life.

Where will this quest take me? I don’t know, but I am excited to find out. Right now, I have no expectations other than to know myself better and maybe make a few online friends along the way.


Standard Disclaimer – This site is solely the opinions and thoughts of the author.

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