An ideal day in the life?

The other day I was feeling a bit guilty about some things I should be doing every day, like working out, and haven’t made it a habit yet. A bit later, I though of a few more things I should do, like taking vitamin supplements, and I began to feel a bit concerned. There are so many things I should do every day. Is there really time to do them all? And if I do them all, what time is left for doing the many things I don’t’ do every day, but should do every week or every month? Now, all of a sudden, all of my time is allocated and I don’t even have time allocated for relaxation and fun, unless those are part of the list, in which case I don’t’ think I have enough time.

Well, I started a list and this is what I have come up with so far:

  • Sleep
  • Eat
  • Job
  • Shower
  • Wash hair
  • Brush teeth
  • Floss
  • Exercise – like strengthening
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Prayer
  • Read something inspirational, like the scriptures
  • Stretching
  • Work on leaning to be creative
  • Spend time to reflect and plan
  • Answer emails
  • Facebook
  • Take care of household responsibilities
  • Take care of children responsibilities
  • Work on my business
  • Take vitamins and other supplements
  • Do the nasal rinse thing to clean my sinuses (I know, kind of gross)

Well, this list in not complete, but you get he idea.

A while back, I wrote about simplifying and doing the things that matter most, which to me definitely includes fun and relaxation time. OK, so the big time suckers (time consumers), I need to do are sleep, work, spend time with family, relax, and eat (Yes, eating is a big time sucker for me). After I do these, I can’t squeeze in the things I should do daily, weekly, and monthly again. So now I am back where I started.

What should I do? Maybe some of the things I say I need to do daily really don’t need to be daily. For example, I should work on my business daily, but it is a trade off. If doing so stops me from exercising, I am probably not going to be better off in the long run. I guess I can also cut FaceBook out a bit, or maybe just do it daily but for less time. Emails, yes, most can wait and I am glad to let them wait. Taking vitamins doesn’t take long and I can free up some time by relaxing a bit less. I guess the real problem is not time; it is getting into habits. I have no problem showering and brushing my teeth every day, and they do take time, so I just need to add a few more of these things. So now I need to figure out how to make these things habits.

Gosh, this is a boring post.

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