My first yogaversary part 1 – the path

This month is my one-year yogaversary (yoga anniversary). I can’t let this month pass without writing about my yoga journey, but at the same time, all the yoga (classes, study, practice, stretching, growth, peace seeking, shopping, balance, strength, etc.) that has occurred in these last twelve months is a little overwhelming to write about. I have been tempted to write something months sooner, but I didn’t want to jump the gun or draw conclusions prematurely. With 365 days under my belt, I think I am ready to give it a try.

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The road ahead again again – part 2 of The unknown road ahead again

The road aheadToday is the anniversary of my layoff, at least three days ago it was. It has been 15 weeks, which is equal to the number of weeks of severance pay I received. I wanted to write an update of what has been happening to me for these weeks and also how I feel about things. Today is also special because I applied for a job for the first time since the layoff. Not sure if anything will come of the application, but I continue on my journey.

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The uncertain road ahead again

work buildingFive and a half years later, the uncertain road ahead is back. I woke up yesterday, a bit earlier than usual, and performed my regular morning routine. I commuted to work as usual, except my friend, who was also headed to the train station, saw me waiting for the bus and gave me a ride. Things were seemingly normal at work. I went in for my weekly 1:1 meeting with my manager, and he stated that he had bad news and HR was on the phone. These are two things you generally do not want to hear and combined together, it is guaranteed to be bad. My manager started reading some legal sounding text to me that ends with “terminate your employment.”

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10 great things about commuting to work on the bus

Frontrunner - Lehi stationMy office changed locations a year ago. I went from a 5.7 mile commute to an 18 mile commute. To get to work, I now ride the bus and train, instead of a bicycle. This results in a substantially longer commute time. My bike time was about 30 minutes each way. My bus and train time is 90 minutes. I certainly didn’t want this change, but I have been trying to make the best of it. So, what do I do with a 3 hour commute each day?

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A year of good commuting on the bus

UTA busFor the past 12 months, I have been commuting to work on the bus and train because my company moved offices. What was a  5.7 mile bicycle commute is now an 18 mile bus and train ride. It has taken a lot of adjustment and requires significantly more time, but it has saved money over driving and my current job is my best work option right now. The commute has also helped me, maybe I could say forced me, to find ways to use my commute time to fill some gaps in my life. Gaps like education, spiritual renewal, physical improvement, and even social skills. So, maybe what started as a “hardship” really is a blessing. However, the story of what I do on my commute is for another time. Today, I want to keep to the commute and what it means to me.
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My two year green smoothie journey

green smoothieIt started in March on 2015. I made and drank my first green smoothie. Now, almost two years later, I am pleased to report that I have pretty much drank a green smoothie every single day since then. To some, this journey might seem long, but it really has gone quickly. Has it changed me? I hope so. I certainly am not worse off. I think I need to step back and look a little more carefully at the journey and where I am now.

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My top 10 favorite cities in the world

Favorite cities in the world

October 28, 2014

I strongly believe that our exposure to different cultures helps shape us, and knowing about the experiences and places a person has been is part of that exposure. I also think you can gain insights about a person based on their favorite places. So, here is my list of top 10 cities I have visited. Creating this list was harder than I thought. I had to try and figure out why I liked a place and then try to rank it. So, I learned about myself in doing this, which is the intent of these posts. Keep in mind that I have not been to that many cities, so I don’t’ have a lot to choose from.

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Orange and black and reversals of attitude

Lamborghini Orange

When I was in high school, our mascot was a tiger and our colors were orange and black. To show school spirit, many would wear clothing with our school colors. To me, these were about the worst colors we could have. I didn’t like wearing black. I didn’t like black shirts, black shoes, black pants, black socks, or any other piece of black clothing. Orange was even worse. What a ridiculous color for clothing. Orange was for pumpkins. And wear the orange and black together and you look like you have a freakish love for Halloween at the wrong time of year. Well, here is another case where things have changed or maybe I have just given in to popular opinion; either way, here I go changing again.

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Buying a green smoothie blender – Vitamix vs. Blendtec

Vitamix vs. Blendtec blendersDuring the last couple of months, I have really gotten into drinking green smoothies. I have done a lot of research, and the more I learn, the more benefits there seem to be for making green smoothies a part of my life. For example, pretty much everyone knows that getting lots of green vegetables into their diet is good. We also know that cooking vegetables can take away some of the nutrients. My challenge is that I do not love eating raw greens, especially a lot of them. So, for years I have tried to increase my green intake, but have only made small strides forward. Now, in comes the green smoothie. Within four minutes, I can drink a 40 oz green smoothie that has at least ten servings of raw fruits and vegetables and I like it – it is WONDERFUL! Now, to expand my smoothie options, I want a better blender.

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