Taking baby steps might be the key

Taking baby stepsRecently, I have been thinking of making some major changes in my life – long overdue changes, including employment, business direction, nutrition, relationships, and priorities. This is all great, but I have run into some snags that have been really discouraging; snags that make me question all that I have done. And then, I had an epiphany as I was taking a walk tonight trying to figure out where I had gone wrong. The answer: take baby steps.

Often I have heard that you need to take baby steps and not get yourself overwhelmed when starting something new or making a big change. Well, this might be part of my issue, but where I am finding the real issue is that dramatic changes don’t work when others are involved, so I need to take baby steps for their sake too. Let me explain with an example.

I have wanted to make some serious improvements in my relationships with my children. So here I am doing all sorts of things better than I did before, like engaging in more activities, more quantity and quality time, more personal time, more patience, etc. Well, the problem is that I cannot do this and tell them I are doing it, because I just can’t tell them I am doing this so I will have a better relationship with you. So, what ends up happening is that my kids don’t really get what I am doing and therefore cannot respond in a positive way quickly enough to reinforce my dramatic change. What I end up with is me making a dramatic effort to change and not getting a dramatic response in return and thinking things aren’t working. What I really should do is pace myself and take baby steps and stick with it. Over time it will have its desired impact, but I have o be willing to stick with it for the long run and not just charge in hoping for instant improvement. After saying all of this, maybe a dramatic change is not so bad, as long as I stick with it. So, maybe big or little steps are OK, but I gotta keep going.

Another example are my new business goals. I wanted to dramatically increase the amount of money I make in my business through Web sites, so what do I do? I work like crazy and throw up 14 Web sites and then take a look at what I have done and say, so why isn’t it working. I then jump onto e-books and wonder how to make it work. Instead, what I need to do is focus my efforts a bit more and take natural steps as they make sense – can I call them organic (natural) steps? In actuality, I have been OK on the patience side of this effort, but maybe there are some sites I should never have created. If I had been taking baby steps, I might have been able to spot this. Instead, I have sites that I bothered a lot of people about helping me with and was very disappointed and upset that no one came through. Maybe what would have been better is to let the sites all mature a lot more before trying to drag others in. It would have also been better if I continued to take baby steps to improve the sites, like add additional content, promote, SEO, more content, etc.

So baby steps really might be the key to my sanity and success in the future in all aspects of my life. It is great to make changes and want to improve, but not only is taking baby steps good (opposed to no steps or too big of steps) for me, but it is good for others too.

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