I’m a bit embarassed, but ….

embarassed sack over headI’m a bit embarrassed because I was reading some of my previous posts and noticing some of the errors and things I did not write so well. Now don’t get e wrong, I am far from being a perfectionist, but even I have some minimum standards of quality. My initial inclination is to jump in and re-write the posts (which is actually what I am doing with this post right now). This would help, but even afterwards I would need to re-write them again, and I could repeat this a few more times. Eventually, I would end up with something I can live with, or I am so tired of working on that I just give up, but would this really accomplish the most good?

The other option is to write two new articles in the same amount of time. Articles that would also need editing, but they would provide additional thoughts about my life. So, what should I do? Try to perfect a single article or take a best stab at something and move on? I think this is the deliema in much of what I do, or at least anything dealing with the limited resource of time.

In some case, such as writing a book, I would rather write one best seller than have a hundred OK books. In the case of journal entries, I would rather have a more detailed story than a single well written entry. With this blog, I am obviously somewhere in between. I guess it depends on whether I think what I have will do the job. For example, right now, I am writing this to explain a little bit more about my personality and make excuses for my writing instead of fixing the problem articles. I still feel a bit embarrassed about the other articles but I hope by adding this that I have done something good.

I guess in the end, it really depends on my objective. If this is purely for me, I often know what I mean, although I might not in a few years if my writing is really poor. If it is for you, I need to fix what I have because a few good posts are better than a ton of nonsense. I wish I could just write it perfectly the first time 🙂

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