My new clothing cycle system

My clothing rotation system - closetEvery now and then, I have a “Duh!” moment – that’s one of those moments in which something dawns on you that seems so obvious and you wonder why you never thought of it before. Well, I had one of these this week regarding my clothing cycle system. Yes, I have a system that dictates how I cycle through the cloths I wear. For me, it’s a lot more complex than just wear it and wash it.

First of all, a little background is needed. In general, I do not feel that a shirt or pair of pants needs to be washed after wearing it only one time. This is assuming, of course, that you did not get those clothes really dirty or did a lot of sweating in them. (Also, certain pieces of clothing do need to be washed after wearing them once.) In general, I try to wear each shirt twice before it goes into the laundry and generally four times for pants. Doing this saves on the cost and time in washing clothes, and it helps the clothes last longer because they do not go through harsh washing cycles as frequently. Also, clothes do not generally get that dirty after one wearing, so why wash them?

So, what I do is take a fresh shirt from the closet and wear it for a day, and then I put the shirt on a chair or in a pile next to the bed and wear it one more time before it goes into the hamper to be washed. The problem has always been to not let the pile grow too large with shirts that need to be worn a second time before they can be washed. This needs to be balanced with appearing to wear the same shirt too frequently. Lately, the cycle has been to wear a shirt one week and then wear it again the next week or the week after. Then it goes int he laundry and I need to try not to wear that shirt the following week, otherwise the cycle starts again too soon and I could easily look like I wore the same shirt four weeks in a row, which in this case I did, but you don’t want other people to know that.

OK, so this system has worked OK for me for many years. It has its weaknesses, as I have mentioned, but it seems to accomplish what I need to do. Well, this week, I thought to myself, why don’t I just divide the space in my closet it two. One side are the fresh shirts and the other side are the shirts I have already worn one time. If I get a shirt from the fresh side, I hang it up on the worn one time side at the end of the day. if I get a shirt from the worn once side, I wear it and put it in the hamper at the end of the day. This eliminates the problem of the pile next to the bed getting too large and I don’t need to worry as much about wearing the same shirt too frequently because I will not have the pressure of clearing shirts out of the pile next to the bed. Does this make sense? In other words, the backlog of shirts can be bigger now cause I don’t need to worry about getting them off the floor, which means the time between wearing the same shirt can be a lot longer. The only downside to this is that i will need to hang up my shirts after wearing them once, but otherwise I think this will be a great system,. I just started using the system today, so we’ll see how it works out.

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