Crossroads – Choosing a new job

Crossroads of lifeIt has been about three months since I was laid off from my job of over 11 years and now I have come to the crossroads of a new job. I have been made two offers of employment – two very nice offers. The first one is not far from my house and with a very reputable software company. The pay Is OK, but significantly lower than my previous job and not as high as I was expecting. The team I would be on is with members I do not know.

The second option is over an hour away. The pay is good, but it is a contract job that has the potential to be a permanent job. The company is a very large financial institution. I would work on a team with a manager and team  members I have worked with before and like. The good pay is offset by less paid time off, no paid holidays, and terrible insurance options. In actuality, I am an employee of a company that does contract work for the financial institution.

Both jobs are a blessing, but not as good as what I had before – good pay, lots of time off, a close commute, a nice cubicle with a window, and co-workers I had worked with for years, but that world no longer exists anymore. My laid off co-workers have gone onto other things and the job is gone. So, I am now at a crossroads to a new job – lie it or not.

I must choose between two unknowns and start again. I must re-build my vacation time, learn new tools, build new relationships, and prove to others I was worth hiring.  The one thing that really scares me is my health. I am still having some abdominal and headache problems. These could very easily affect my ability to work. There is enough to worry about with a new job without health problems, but what can I do but move forward – I am sure that is what anyone else would do. Also, as I think about this in prospective, there are so many people dealing with so much more serious issues, so I really have no real reason to worry. Even if by some chance things do not work out with this new job, I do believe things will work out overall as they should. In other words, there is more to life than work – I need to keep telling myself this.

I feel very fortunate to have these two opportunities. There are a lot of other jobs out there that are far less good (I won’t say worse because that sounds too negative). I am also grateful that both opportunities came at the same time so I can more easily compare. Choices certainly make decisions more difficult, but it is a great problem to have. Gosh, life can be so hard at times.

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