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favoriteOne of my favorite questions to ask kids, or even adults, about things is what was your favorite? What was your favorite vacation? What restaurants do you like the most? What is your favorite movie? Why do people want to know our favorites? Is it so they know what to get us when our birthday comes around? Perhaps, but I think we are sometimes looking for things in common. I also think favorites give insights into our personalities. For example, who is your favorite Disney character? At a minimum, they can be an interesting point of conversation. In reading my old journals, I have found it interesting what my favorites were way way back, so I am going to try to list some of my favorites now.

  • Color: Blue. Blue has been my favorite color going back to some time in elementary school and has not changed. I also happen to really like neon lime, which some call chartreuse (the official color of some fire engines I am told), but blue is what my heart really loves.
  • Ice creme flavor: Rocky Road or Burnt Almond Fudge or Roasted Almond Fudge. Essentially, I like chocolate ice creme with almonds and marshmallows are nice too. I can remember this being my favorite going all the way back to some time in elementary school too.
  • Food: I don’t have one favorite food, but I really like Chinese food, especially dim sum and chow mean with deep friend noodles. I also like steak and seafood. Once again, these go back to very young days too.
  • Athlete: For the past year, i have not been able to watch sports because we don’t have a cable service and even before that I didn’t watch sports like basketball or football as much as I use to, but I do have a few athletes i am still interested in. By the way, my favorite sport is football, which is funny because it is the sport my body type is the least inclined to be able to play well. I guess this choice is part of growing up where I did. So, as I thought about my favorite athletes some more, I couldn’t separate ones I like and ones I like to watch – there is a difference. So, let me change this to my favorite athletes to watch, which also includes ones I like. This list is also biased by sports I like, so since I don’t watch soccer, I won’t be saying someone like Lionel Messi. I like to watch: Raphael Nadal – tennis, Usane Bolt – track, Payton Manning – football, Michel Phelps – swimming, Bode Miller – downhill skiing, and a bunch of others.
  • Movie – Star Wars. This has been my favorite since it came out in 1972. I was wowed by the effects and loved the storyline then and I still love it after all these years.
  • Book – I have several I want to list: The Harry Potter series, As A Man Thinketh, The Good Earth, and The World’s Greatest Salesman. Religious books are a whole different category and not included here.
  • Music – This is a hard one for me. I don’t listen to music a lot these days and I am kind of just into whatever is popular. One thing I really like are many of the songs they do on the TV show Glee, which includes recent songs and ones going back to the 70’s. I especially like the voice of Leo Michelle.
  • TV show – Survivor. I have watched every episode in the 11+ years it has been on the air. I have been a fan from the beginning and am still a fan. I have an entire article dedicated to it (see SSurvivor – my favorite TV show of all time). I also enjoy The Amazing Race, The Big Bang Theory, Glee, and Reign.
  • Place in the world – Tough one. There are so many fantastic places, and each is unique. I will say I love spending time on a hues boat at Lake Powell with friends (see Oh, to be back at Lake Powell), Cinque Terre and Venice, Italy (see London, Paris, Italy, and vacations) are a photographer’s dream. The history of Florence and Rome are fascinating. Paris is amazing. The people and the actual cities of Sydney and Amsterdam make me want to live there. I have never seen historic culture so honored as in Tokyo. Every place in New Zealand looks like a postcard. Trunk Bay on st. John in the Caribbean is the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. The national parks and mountains of my Utah home reaffirm to me every time I see them that there is a supreme creator.

Well, the list could go on and on. Maybe if I think of something else really interesting I will come back and make an update.

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