Graduation – be happy, reflect, be sad, and move on

In a few days, my oldest child graduates from high school. Soon after that, she will be moving out and off to college. Wow, it’s hard to believe that this time has come so quickly. Eighteens years have just flown by. It is so easy for me to remember when I was holding her in my arms for the first time, and also when she was toddling around the house, and when she left the house for the first time to go to school. I know for her, she sees only excitement, freedom, and new opportunities ahead and has never looked back. For me, I see slightly painful change, the end of a wonderful era, and even minor worry for her and can’t help but reflect back.

Of course I knew this day would come; it is something my wife and I have been working towards, but it is definitely one of those bitter-sweet goals accomplished. But as with any other event, good or bad, time moves forward and we will resume other goals not yet reached and even add some new goals. We still have much to do and many other upcoming milestones, but with each of these milestones reached, it reiterates how quickly life races by. Maybe this is a sign of a rich or full life, which is a good thing, but it can also be hard. I guess what I am trying to tell myself is to enjoy and relish each of these moments, but it is also OK to be a bit sad for what will be missed. So be happy in the moment, reflect on the path that led to this point, maybe even be sad for what will be missed, and then move on.

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