Green smoothies – my giant leap forward and back

Green Smoothie in a glassLately, my quest has taken me into the world of diet, meaning what foods to eat and not how to lose weight. I have known for years that my diet is far from “good,” but it didn’t seem to matter because I was always so healthy. So, why did it matter that I ate lots of meat, fried and salty foods, and sugar filled creations? Also, why did it matter that I hardly had any vegetables in my life, and the ones I did eat were just a token gesture? Well, in recent years, things have changed and awakened me. My poor choices were catching up with me. For example, I have developed issues with lactose, so I have greatly reduced my dairy consumption. I have developed Vitamin D and magnesium deficiencies, so have tried to eat more fruits and vegetables, to eat a greater variety of foods to increase my chances of getting my needed nutrients, and taking vitamins. I consider these, and several other things I have been doing,  good but small changes. Now, I am taking a gigantic leap forward into the world of plant-based diet diet and green smoothies.
A couple of months ago, I started following a YouTuber and learning about her vegan practices. One thing that caught my attention was her meals during the day. She often threw a lot of fruit, and  sometimes some vegetables, into a blender and made a smoothie. I have known about smoothies for many years, but thought of them more as a trendy fruit drink that costs a lot of money than anything else. I’ve even had a few fruit smoothies, and enjoyed them, but didn’t see much benefit to them over drinking juice. After watching several of this YouTuber’s videos, I started doing some research. I learned more about smoothies, specifically green smoothies. I was especially interested to learn about Victoria Boutenko and her experiences with green smoothies. The benefits she claims from green smoothies were miraculous – yes, I am choosing this word on purpose,. From curing diabetes, more energy, reducing the chances of cancer, helping eyesight, curing skin problems, helping the hair, and so many more. This motivated me to do even more research on the benefits of eating a plant based diet, especially raw vegetables. Well, to summarize many hours of research, the more I learned, the more confusing things became. For something so fundamental to all human life, diet is an incredibly complex and controversial topic. One good thing I learned is that vegetables are good and I don’t even come close to getting as many as I should have. I also learned the benefits of eating raw vegetables to maximize the nutrients you get from your vegetables, which brings me back to green smoothies – raw fruits and vegetables.

All my research was great, but the thought of drinking a glass of liquefied vegetables, even with fruit added, didn’t really appeal to me. However, I have eaten a lot of stuff I don’t really like and the benefits of a green smoothie are so big that it was worth a try. Three weeks ago, I had my first green smoothie. My wife made it for me with spinach, apple juice, a banana, strawberries, and pineapple. I drank my glass and it was not bad, in fact I liked it and was amazed that I couldn’t really taste the spinach; it just tasted like fruit juice. From that moment, I have had a green smoothie every morning – 40 ounces, which is as much as my blender can make at a time, of spinach, kale, or both and assorted fruits. I love the fact that I am getting six or seven servings of raw fruits and vegetables at one time. I also love that it gives me something to eat for breakfast besides oatmeal and yoghourt.

So far, I have seen a few benefits but I expect a lot more. I want to go longer to be sure of the benefits and see if there are additional ones, then I will make a full report. I am very pleased about how things are going already in such a short time. I am also going to venture further into having a plant-based diet – not sure how far I will go, but I am on the path.

As I have thought about this some more, I remember when I was young and my grandmother making me drink a bowl of strange soup every day. There were many different soups, but they all seemed to have combinations of vegetables, berries, and a little meat boiled together for hours. I hated drinking most of them, but now I realize that in a way these were the green smoothies of my youth. They were probably filled with vitamins and nutrients that I was not getting from my favorite meals of the day: TV dinners, cookies, candy, ice creme, hamburgers, and pizza. So, it has taken me over thirty years, but I have gone full circle back to my youth. I am so glad my grandmother made me drink that soup, and I am grateful that I have discovered and added green smoothies to my diet now. Am I going vegetarian? It might be on the horizon, but it is not where I am now or am ready to be. All I know is that I need to do what I think is best for now, and as things change, whether it be in my attitudes or habits, I will adjust.

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