London, Paris, Italy, and vacations

venice italy canalI just got back from a vacation with my wife and one of my daughters to London, Paris, and Italy. It was two and a half weeks of forgetting normal responsibilities, seeing new things, experiencing fascinating cultures, and being with people I love – awesome!

Coming home from such great adventures is always hard for me. I mean there are good things, like seeing my other children and the comforts of home, but I would be happy to still be out there in vacation world for just a bit longer. A friend of mine that just returned from a similar trip said it was nice to be back at home sweet home. I don’t feel this way. What does this say about me?

Well, the obvious answer to why vacationing is better than being home is in one place you just spend money and have fun. In the other place, you need to try and earn money, face ongoing problems, and things seem to be a lot less simple. Yes, on vacation you need to worry about all the security checks at airports and train stations; yes, you also need to figure out how to find places you have never been and get instructions from people you cannot communicate very well; yes, you also need to worry about pickpockets and ending up somewhere you shouldn’t be. However, this is all part of the adventure.

Of course experiencing exciting new things is a big plus over the same old things week after week and month after month, but I speculate that there is more to my difficulty adjusting to  being home than that. It seems home should be a different form of excitement and fun and not the lack of it, so what’s the deal?

Well, I can easily admit that I don’t do that many exciting things at home. Work is stressful, long, and not really fun at all. I enjoy learning new things at work and enjoy associations, but it is still not fun. Put in another way, if I won the lottery, I would not continue to go to work because it is fun.

I think other aspects of my life might be similar to this also. I mean I truly believe that attitude determines the fun of something and I rally try to find the best in whatever I am doing, but maybe I am not trying hard enough, or maybe I just need to be involved in more things at home. I guess it is kind of obvious that I am lacking in both areas. OK, so it is on me. I don’t expect to be so successful at finding fun at home that vacations will be no more fun than being home, but there is a lot of room for improvement for me, and I need to work on it.

One thing that will help my fun level at home is to remind myself, unlike most other people, I prefer the food at home more than anywhere else. In fact, food is a hassle, a huge expense, and not even enjoyable when I ma on vacation. Wow, maybe home is not so bad after all.


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