My worst Friday the 13th ever

Yesterday was the worst Friday the 13th I can remember! (Note: I do not use exclamation points very often) Why? Well, let me vent a bit and say. First of all, after 11+ years of service with my company, today was my last day. Two days earlier, they called a mandatory meeting for a select group of us and told us, who represented all of the people in Utah working on a particular project, that we were being laid off in an effort to consolidate sites and our last day would be Friday. Bullarky!! Just say it; upper management, in this case based out of India, thinks his country is the solution because you get so much more for your money in India. I am not opposed to people in India, but with wages rising twenty percent a year, it won’t be long until a new upper management leader from China does the same to them. So, let’s throw out all the experience and expertise and start over somewhere else. This will save money. In the case of my job function, no transfer of knowledge at all, which is ridiculous and stupid beyond stupid. But this post is about me, not the company, so back to me.

Thirty-nine of us that have worked so hard, even sacrificed family and health for the project, are no longer “strategic” for our employer. No polite words can describe how this stinks. So, I have gone from things being fine to chronic health problems and now this in just three short months. Could things be worse? Certainly, but this already wins for the worst Friday the 13th ever award. So, is this all? Well, I certainly think it is enough, but there is more.

I had a doctor’s appointment for another health problem I am having that has not gotten any better in three months. I was really hoping the doctor would just give me a magic pill that would solve my problems. Instead, I need more blood tests, an MRI, and who knows what else. They are now suspecting some other issues to go on top of what I already have. So, is this all? Well, yes, for now, but I think it is more than enough. However, the story does not quite end here for this special day.

In the early afternoon, as I was going in to work for the last time to claim my belongings, a friend said he had a job lead for me. He told me he would send me the information. A couple hours later, a friend contacted me with some leads in his company. On FaceBook there was a post that mentioned my group’s layoffs, and someone commented with more job leads. After dinner, two friends were at my house and they provided a tip and a possibility. The day before, another friend had emailed me a series of resources for finding a job I had not thought of. And finally, during my remaining hours at work, as I ran into people, many offered to let me know if they heard anything and offered their support if there were any way they could help. Wow, how humbling and what wonderful friends I have. I have much to be grateful for and things will et better.

Finally, I have a co-worker (I guess ex-coworker now) that just moved here from New Zealand about five months ago with his family for his job. He was also laid off and is required by law to leave the country now, so he needs to pull his children out of school, pack up, and leave. He does not have the option to just find another job here, because his work visa does not permit it. His situation puts everything in prospective for the rest of us laid off yesterday. When I asked him how he felt, he said, “Well, we (his family) are all still OK and none of us have died.” And this puts everything into prospective.

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