Oh, to be back at Lake Powell

The most recent major activity in my life was my annual trip to Lake Powell, which is a part of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in the southern part of Utah in the United States. This is a fun and unique trip for me. I spend about 5 days, 24×7 with my family and about twenty other people, some that I hardly know at the start of the trip, on a houseboat in a lake in the middle of the desert in one hundred degree plus temperatures. So, why is it so much fun?

Some might think the conditions of this trip are far from a formula for  fun.  There is no cell phone coverage, no internet, no TV, no radio, and no newspapers. We sweat during the day in the desert heat and sweat some more at night as we all try to sleep on top of the houseboat. We kind of bathe in the lake and are grateful for a flush toilet that doesn’t always work the way we are use to but is better than trying to find a bush on the barren shore. OK, this doesn’t sound too great, but it really isn’t too bad and adds to the adventure.

What is really fun is playing in the water, boating, tubing,  wakeboarding, and relaxing. We have hardly a care in the world, except when lunch and dinner are. Also, we eat the most incredible meals, which can all be cooked over a grill. Oh, and we have spectacular sunsets and sunrises and are surrounded all day by one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. All of this alone makes for a fun trip, but what really pushes this into the spectacular and great category for me are the 24×7 relationships.

I have been on cruises, to reunions, on vacations, and other trips with friends, but at the end of the day, or even during the day, you have your alone time. You go into your hotel room or you go do something with your spouse or you just go take a nap. Whatever it is, you have get away time. At Lake Powell, there is nowhere to go. You are pretty much always with someone or lots of someones. We are like a huge family all living together on a farm in the middle of nowhere. We eat together, play together, and sleep together. We yell at our kids together and see each other in our bad moments. Sometimes we have fights and sometimes lose our tempers. The thing is, we all see each other in our most human moments and it makes us closer because we have shared these moments. At home it is easy to put on a good face and hide when we are not at our best. At Lake Powell, this is not always so easy to do. This is why I love Lake Powell so much, because we see each other as we are.

In the long term, I do not know if I will be great friends with all of the people I go to Lake Powell with, but I do know that we will always share those moments at Lake Powell when our lives crossed paths and for a moment, a “real” moment, we both kind of let our guard down and were real with each other. So, I want to dedicate this post to my Lake Powell fiends, my Powell Pals Forever. Thank you for making it real.

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