Orange and black and reversals of attitude

Lamborghini Orange

When I was in high school, our mascot was a tiger and our colors were orange and black. To show school spirit, many would wear clothing with our school colors. To me, these were about the worst colors we could have. I didn’t like wearing black. I didn’t like black shirts, black shoes, black pants, black socks, or any other piece of black clothing. Orange was even worse. What a ridiculous color for clothing. Orange was for pumpkins. And wear the orange and black together and you look like you have a freakish love for Halloween at the wrong time of year. Well, here is another case where things have changed or maybe I have just given in to popular opinion; either way, here I go changing again.

Today, I have a large number of orange items in my collection, including a backpack, coat,  shirts, and even an iPod nano. I would even love a Lamborghini in orange. As for black, I have more black shirts than any other color now. I have black pants, black socks, and black shoes too. I even have a dark charcoal gray suit which is getting close to black. For me, navy blue, which I use to love so much, is out and black is in. Blue is still my favorite color, but I am finding that some of the things that had to be blue in the past can now be other colors, maybe they are even better as other colors.

At this time, I do not want to explore why the change, but just emphasize that change can and does happen. Sometimes this change is conscious, sometimes it just seems to happen, and sometimes it is not wanted. Regardless, I need to look with an open mind at what I like, and maybe more what I do not like, and realize that I need to give more things I dislike a chance to change. This can be a powerful ally if I am trying to overcome or learn something hard and feel that there are too many challenges – things change. I heard a story that Sean Connery at one point in his career said he was done and would never play the role of James Bond again, and then they convinced him to do another movie and  titled the movie “Never Say Never Again.”

I have been thinking about what has reversed in my life and come up with this partial list:

  • Dark chocolate – Even until a few years ago, I really disliked dark chocolate. I couldn’t understand why it tasted good to anyone. Well, I now regularly eat 90% cocoa dark chocolate, partially for the health reasons and also to satisfy my chocolate cravings. I still love milk chocolate and other chocolate, but now dark can be on the menu too.
  • Business – In high school I told my accounting teacher that the world did not need business people; it needed more engineers and scientists. She tried to help me see the light, but no light was not allowed in. After graduating for college a few years later, I wanted to be a businessman, run my own company, and control my own destiny.
  • Artists – I have always enjoyed watching entertainment, but for many years considered art an unnecessary luxury and not “logical.” Well, over the year, I think the Spock in me has decided to share space with artists, so much so that I have been working hard over the past few years to learn how to be more artistic, especially as I try to improve my photography.
  • History – I know the saying that those who do not learn from the past are destined to relive it. Yeah, yeah, good enough but do you really need to dwell on every date, name, and place? Well, over the past few years, I have found myself really enjoying learning about history and historical figures. I watch a lot of history based shows these days and find them interesting. Generally, I am not trying to learn the historical lessons from them, I am just fascinated by other times and places.
  • Liberal viewpoints – I started my life as an ultra ultra conservative, but I like to say that life happened and with each lesson of life and each obstacle and each experience, I find that I am becoming more sensitive to things that make me move to a more liberal view. At this point I would not call myself liberal. I think I was so far to the right that I am just coming to somewhere in the middle.
  • Proper eating – One of my latest epiphanies is that those that care about proper eating and health are those that have experienced bad health or been closely associated with someone that has. This is similar to the fact that those who know how many calories are in foods are those that diet. If you don’t care about what you eat, you are probably healthy (or maybe given up) and good for you. For me, I have had some severe health challenges that have brought proper health to the forefront. In the past, I ate whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted and there didn’t ever seem to be negative consequences. Now maybe all those years of not caring have finally caught up with me. My hope is better late than never in regards to getting on the health train.
  • Vegetarian diets – I though the other day that for years, I would rarely ever open the venerable drawer in the refrigerator. Now, I open it at least once a day. I use to consume next to no leafy green and hardly any other vegetables, besides potatoes. Now, I consume at lest 7 servings of fealty greens a day and a lot of other vegetables that show up in front of me. I still don’t love vegetables, which is why I get my greens through green smoothies, but I am learning to. I have even considered going to a totally plant-based diet.

Well, the list goes on and on. Maybe I will try to add to this as I think of things to remind me to be careful about my negative attitudes about things because they can change. I think the discovery here for me is that things that seem entrenched and unchangeable can change. We are, or should be, evolving creatures and that is a good thing.

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