Green smoothies – my giant leap forward and back

Green Smoothie in a glassLately, my quest has taken me into the world of diet, meaning what foods to eat and not how to lose weight. I have known for years that my diet is far from “good,” but it didn’t seem to matter because I was always so healthy. So, why did it matter that I ate lots of meat, fried and salty foods, and sugar filled creations? Also, why did it matter that I hardly had any vegetables in my life, and the ones I did eat were just a token gesture? Well, in recent years, things have changed and awakened me. My poor choices were catching up with me. For example, I have developed issues with lactose, so I have greatly reduced my dairy consumption. I have developed Vitamin D and magnesium deficiencies, so have tried to eat more fruits and vegetables, to eat a greater variety of foods to increase my chances of getting my needed nutrients, and taking vitamins. I consider these, and several other things I have been doing,  good but small changes. Now, I am taking a gigantic leap forward into the world of plant-based diet diet and green smoothies.
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Pedometers and progressing in life

measuring progress with a perometerI recently purchased an inexpensive pedometer. I have been curious for years how many steps I take each day. Am I really as active as I think or fooling myself? Also, being active is important to good health, so I really want to know how active I am and, regardless of where I am, I want to improve. This is also true for other aspects of my life – I wan to improve. A person I greatly respect told me, “When progress is measured, progress improves.” I know measuring progress is not usually convenient, and in many cases  really difficult to do, but I firmly believe that if I really want something that I need to work for, I need to find a way to measure my progress and make the effort to measure it.

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TV is back in my life

television setA little over two years ago, we cut our cable TV, and without cable, we eliminated TV from our lives. We were still able to watch many of the shows we cared about on the Internet, but we were not watching them live, which was actually not a bad thing. We could just go online and watch at a convenient time, as long as we didn’t wait too long and the networks removed them from their web sites. There were two things we could not do: channel flip and watch sports. Channel flipping is not a huge deal. You miss a few treasures you might stumble upon, but save yourself a ton of time watching shows you normally would not make any effort to find online. As for sports, it has been hard, but life seems to have gone on just fine (I am saying this with sarcasm; life has been just fine). Well, this past Christmas, we got a new TV (a Vizio 55″ LCD with LED backlight smart TV with built-in Wi-fi and Internet applications like YouTube, FaceBook, Netflix, and more)  that allows us to watch the free over-the-air broadcasts, and I am a bit embarrassed to admit that it has been really nice.

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Ramen No More

ramen noodlesFor years I have loved ramen noodles and made them a staple part of my diet. I would eat them as often as four times a week. Well, no more! It has been a long time in coming, but I am saying good-bye to ramen. In case you are not familiar with the world of noodles, I am talking about those plastic packages of dried noodles that you can often find on sale five for a dollar. I enjoy them so much that on more than one occasion I have thought of writing my own ramen cookbook. Well now, as my life quest has started down the road to healthy eating, ramen is being left by the wayside.

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Still carpe diem after all these years

carpe diemThis is the time of year to reflect on what has happened in the last twelve months, think about what didn’t happen that we wanted, and make resolutions to do better over the next twelve months. This process has become as routine as many of the holidays we celebrate each year, but I am grateful for it. One of my leaders told me that when progress is measured, progress increases. Kind of related to this, how can we be on course when we do not know what our course is, or if we have a course, how can we stay on course if we never take time to evaluate where we are? We’ll, for me, there is a course that has been a theme of my life for the past decade or more, was the course I was thinking about when I started this blog, and ever looms strong in my mind – carpe diem.

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An idle mind is depression’s workshop

idle mindThere is a benefit to all the thousands of hours of effort I have put into pursuing my own business ideas that I never realized, one that is more important than all of the others.

I have always believed that the many side business projects I have engaged in over the past 25 years were to make more money, work towards self-employment, and have alternative revenue sources for more financial security. And these are all true, but the greatest benefit of all, which is what I just discovered, is the distraction these highly emotionally driven projects have been from me turning an idle mind inward and becoming lost is depressing and destructive thoughts.

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Some of my favorites

favoriteOne of my favorite questions to ask kids, or even adults, about things is what was your favorite? What was your favorite vacation? What restaurants do you like the most? What is your favorite movie? Why do people want to know our favorites? Is it so they know what to get us when our birthday comes around? Perhaps, but I think we are sometimes looking for things in common. I also think favorites give insights into our personalities. For example, who is your favorite Disney character? At a minimum, they can be an interesting point of conversation. In reading my old journals, I have found it interesting what my favorites were way way back, so I am going to try to list some of my favorites now.

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My computer history – a boring tale

computerThis is a history of my initial computer exposure and my ownership. I doubt anyone will find this interesting but me, but since computers have been a big part of my life, the documentation of my quest would be incomplete without it. First of all, to say that computers are a big part of my life is as much an understatement as saying Bill Gates has enough money for his needs. Almost every aspect of my life is linked to computers: work, photography, entertainment, church service, vacations, journal or blog writing, computer programming, staying in touch with fiends, and so on. I’m not saying all of these are one hundred percent computer based of that I don’t do other things. I am just saying that computers are everywhere in my life and have been for a long time.

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Survivor – my favorite TV show of all time

CBS SurvivorSome have a favorite show of the season. Some have a TV series they love. Some have a TV series that is one of their all-time favorites. I have a favorite TV series ALL TIME – CBS’s Survivor. Through the years, I have liked many TV series:

  • Super Friends, The Carol Burnett Show, and Gunsmoke when I was young.
  • Charlie’s Angels, Little House on the Prairie, Giligan’s Island, and Threes Company in junior high.
  • MASH and Family Ties in high school.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation and Chees in college.
  • Home Improvement, Friends, and Alias in the early years of marriage.
  • So You Think You Can Dance, The Amazing Race, and The Big Bang Theory more recently.

But none of them compares to Survivor.

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Enjoying Cracker Jack prizes and everything else

Cracker JackWhen I was young, a box of Cracker Jack was one of my favorite treats. I loved the sweet brown coated popcorn and peanuts. I’m not sure what the coating was, but it tasted great. I remember that I would pop open a box, and pour the treat into my mouth. What made Cracker Jack even better was the toy surprise in each box. To many, these surprises are no big deal, but they were to me and obviously they had their appeal, because Cracker Jack and its surprise are still around today. The surprise, which was never bigger than an inch square and not much thicker than a quarter, could be a pendant , a book, a puzzle (I remember one where you maneuver a little steel ball through a maze andther was like a mini pinball machine), a set of tattoos (one of my favorites), a whistle, a top, and so on. Most prizes were OK but some were mini treasures, and I kept them all – yes, ALL. Some I played with a little but was always careful not to break or ruin them. Most were never played with, just gently handled and prized. Today I look back and see how this seemingly innocent practice might not have been the best behavior.

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