Making life memorable

This weekend, I was reminded that I do not take the time to plan and do memorable things frequently enough. There are plenty of meaningful things that we do, like work or school, taking care of responsibilities, and so on. These are important, but they are not memorable. Ten or twenty years from now, my family or I will remember that I had a job, and maybe I will even be able to recall a few projects I worked on, but that is all. The memorable things are the ones that might take only a few seconds or a few days, but they are forever a part of the interesting story of our lives. The parts that we talk about, draw from, and shape ourselves through. Hopefully, most of the memorable things are good, but we will all have bad ones too. I recall an event with my father and mother that consisted only of a few seconds of them taking turns yelling at me and then a slap, but that is all it took to be memorable. So, my goal is to make more good memorable moments in my families’ and my life.

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Risk and reward

I was on the phone the other day with my friend and somehow we got talking about business. He has started several businesses and is currently running a successful consulting business and doing quite well. He told me he has observed a principle that seems to always hold true: risk and reward – the more risk, the more potential reward. He told me a story of two painters, Ted and Bill,  going to the same university at the same time. They were both very talented and graduated with degrees. Ted took a secure and good job at a computer company as a graphic artist. This was not Ted’s ideal job but the safe bet. He has done well for himself and has provided a nice income and stability for his family. As Ted finds time, he still paints but more for himself than anyone else. Ted would still like to be able to make a living as a painter but probably doesn’t see how.

Bill, took a big risk. He moved his family to a small town where he could rent a studio for very little money. Bill’s family was very poor for many years and went without many comforts as Bill developed his style and skills. Now, Bill is a very successful and famous painter making a great living and doing what he loves to do.
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Business cards lost and more

I’m mad at myself for losing out on a nice little opportunity this week. For about a year now, I have wanted to order some business cards from a particular online vendor for my photography business. The nice thing about these cards is that I can use my photos as the background for the card. The really nice thing about these cards is that in a pack of 50 or 100 cards, I can make everyone unique. In other words, I can use 50 different pictures for my 50 card order if I want. I know some of you are asking why I would want to do that, but in a photography business, each card advertises your product right there. Now, realistically, I would not create 50 different cards, but I would make a variety of them. Anyway, a month ago, my Web hosting site partnered with this company and I could get 100 cards for free. I was excited about this news and planned to take advantage of it. This past weekend, I went to create my cards and discovered that the offer had expired and I had missed the deadline by one day. So, here was a nice opportunity lost for no good reason, just procrastination on my part. It made me think of the many other opportunities I have lost because of procrastination.

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