Pedometers and progressing in life

measuring progress with a perometerI recently purchased an inexpensive pedometer. I have been curious for years how many steps I take each day. Am I really as active as I think or fooling myself? Also, being active is important to good health, so I really want to know how active I am and, regardless of where I am, I want to improve. This is also true for other aspects of my life – I wan to improve. A person I greatly respect told me, “When progress is measured, progress improves.” I know measuring progress is not usually convenient, and in many cases  really difficult to do, but I firmly believe that if I really want something that I need to work for, I need to find a way to measure my progress and make the effort to measure it.

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April 2, 2015Permalink

An ideal day in the life?

The other day I was feeling a bit guilty about some things I should be doing every day, like working out, and haven’t made it a habit yet. A bit later, I though of a few more things I should do, like taking vitamin supplements, and I began to feel a bit concerned. There are so many things I should do every day. Is there really time to do them all? And if I do them all, what time is left for doing the many things I don’t’ do every day, but should do every week or every month? Now, all of a sudden, all of my time is allocated and I don’t even have time allocated for relaxation and fun, unless those are part of the list, in which case I don’t’ think I have enough time.

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