To manage or not to manage – decison making

This week, I need to clear my head more than ever. About three months ago, my manager opened up a position to hire a manager for our group. To this point, we have been reporting directly to him, a director in our company. He has wanted to hire a manager for quite a while, In fact, about a year ago, he got the OK, but then that requisition was taken away. At that time, I was not interested at all in being the manger and didn’t’ think much of it.

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Buying a watch

I’ve needed a new watch for two years now. My current fifteen dollar Timex watch has served me well for over eight years but it needs to be retired. The original metal band that broke four times and was repaired three times with stick pins has now been replaced by a band that is worth more than the watch. This is good, but the watch has other issues. I can no longer use any of the buttons, except the ones to set the watch, so no alarm, no stopwatch, no light. I have been trying for over a year to select a replacement, but I just can’t find a watch that meets the requirements.

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