From Spock to Bill Gates to Mark Rothko – an evolution

Mark Rothko Painting

I have been accused of being stubborn, sometimes very stubborn. In many ways, it is deserved. For sure if I were on the outside looking at me, I would be willing to bet that my attitudes towards certain aspects of life or the world would probably never change, but they have, at least in one direction, which amazes me.

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May 30, 2014Permalink

The quest to know myself

Temple of Apollo
The "Know Thyself" quote is inscribed in golden letters at the entrance to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi

This is my very first post on my new blog. I am excited to start it and see where it goes. I have had other blogs, but they were business-related ones. This one is about me and my life – no business. Why am I doing a blog instead of a journal?  This is a good question. First, I am hoping that what I say will make some sense for others too and that they will encourage me, add insight to what I have said, and help me see another view. Second, I am hoping that others, which I would not normally interact with or maybe not interact with in this way, can share in this quest with me. Third, I am hoping that by sharing my quest, I will be more motivated to continue it. Fourth, I am hoping that by having to be more careful in writing my thoughts because others will see them that I will improve my writing skills. Finally, I am hoping a few months from now, when the initial excitement is gone, I will keep going because I know someone out there is interested. I guess this is a lot to hope for, but I think it can be done.
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