2010 – a bad year, but

As I reflect on 2010, the things that come to mind first are the things that happened most recently: my lifelong friend dying and a trip to the emergency room for me. If I think a bit more, I can come up with numerous other bad things that happened in 2010:

  • Our family didn’t have a really exotic vacation this year.
  • Work was extremely busy and stressful most of the year.
  • A person I trained daily for nearly six months was laid off.
  • A co-worker and close friend of 10 years is gone from work.
  • Several other friends were laid off.
  • I moved from a nice cubicle situation to a really crappy one.
  • I have been sick more than usual.
  • We had car problems on our Vegas trip.
  • I had to speak in Church (no necessarily a bad thing,m but a stressful and time consuming thing).
  • I messed up a wedding photo shoot.
  • I needed to sell stock options at a bad time.
  • My kids had some school grades and ballroom set backs.
  • I waited too long to schedule my eye exam so I lost out on getting new glasses for free through my insurance.
  • I had my first root canal.
  • We didn’t make it to the Festival of Trees, a fund raiser for a local childcare’s hospital, like we usually do.
  • We spent way too much money on ballroom.
  • We needed a new roof on our house.

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Small moments

Sometimes when I look over a long period of my life, I try to think of those things that have had the greatest influence on me. I automatically lean towards thinking of people that have been in my life a long time, such as my wonderful neighbors next door growing up that I have known my whole life. I also think of  things that took a long time to do, like college. I easily forget that small moments can define us just as much. In fact, I think life is full of just as many of these defining small moments as some of the larger ones. Or, maybe the larger moments are no more than a series of small moments linked together.

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Ruts and comfot zones

It’s been almost eleven years since we started the new millennium. What a monumental event that so few in the history of man get to celebrate. Think about how many, or really how few, people really would have actually celebrated this event. Anyway, what did I do on this eventful day –NOTHING! It wasn’t’ that I was worried about the Y2K issues like planes dropping out of the sky or all computer systems crashing. I just didn’t bother to make plans to do anything. Oh, I thought about doing something but never came up with anything, so I watched the New Year’s countdown on TV – WOW (said with great sarcasm). As I have looked back over the years, I have regretted not doing more. And yet, at the same time, when new occasions come with the opportunity to do something, I still find myself doing nothing special. I guess I shouldn’t really say nothing, because there are always things on the to do list, but nothing special. I guess it comes down to comfort zones. It is too easy to do the standard thing. It is hard to get out of our ruts.

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