A narrow set of friends – Part 2

OK, this is my first two part-er blog post. I was not planning this, but since I posted the first part, I have had a few more thoughts on the subject that deserve another post.

This week, I was thinking a a bunch about what I wanted to do with my photography business. This is a part time business that I haven’t done too much with lately and I want to do bit more with it. Just not sure what at this point. Anyway, as I was considering some options, I thought about all of the people I have met and am now friends with because of photography. When you have a big camera at a ballroom dancing completion or in a national park, it kind of gives you an excuse to go up to other people with big cameras and start talking and people come up to you too. I really like it because I am really enthusiastic about photography and love the opportunity to talk shop and learn what others do.

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