Choosing better over good

Choosing somethign good over something better I have discovered for me that the challenge in life is not in choosing good over evil but better over good. I have observed  that I have a tendency to want to do good things, which is fine, but but at the cost of better things. I tell myself that I am doing something good, and certainly not bad, so my conscience seems to be more willing to let me get away with it. In a way, I am getting myself out of doing the better thing.

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2010 – a bad year, but

As I reflect on 2010, the things that come to mind first are the things that happened most recently: my lifelong friend dying and a trip to the emergency room for me. If I think a bit more, I can come up with numerous other bad things that happened in 2010:

  • Our family didn’t have a really exotic vacation this year.
  • Work was extremely busy and stressful most of the year.
  • A person I trained daily for nearly six months was laid off.
  • A co-worker and close friend of 10 years is gone from work.
  • Several other friends were laid off.
  • I moved from a nice cubicle situation to a really crappy one.
  • I have been sick more than usual.
  • We had car problems on our Vegas trip.
  • I had to speak in Church (no necessarily a bad thing,m but a stressful and time consuming thing).
  • I messed up a wedding photo shoot.
  • I needed to sell stock options at a bad time.
  • My kids had some school grades and ballroom set backs.
  • I waited too long to schedule my eye exam so I lost out on getting new glasses for free through my insurance.
  • I had my first root canal.
  • We didn’t make it to the Festival of Trees, a fund raiser for a local childcare’s hospital, like we usually do.
  • We spent way too much money on ballroom.
  • We needed a new roof on our house.

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A string of bad luck? It’s all good!

This past week, I was having what I thought was a string of bad luck. I went on vacation and had all sorts of problems with my car battery. I suspected it was something simple but feared it could be something much more major. We kept needing to jump start the car. I even had one of those portable jump starting devices, but it wouldn’t do the job. Also, while on vacation, I did a photo shoot and things did not go so well. I made a lot of poor choices during the shoot and the pictures were not coming out good at all. Then, after the shoot, I accidentally deleted all of my pictures from my memory card. Then, to compound my stupidity, instead of remembering that I could still recover the pictures from the memory card if I did not put any new files on the card, I put a ton of new files on the card. Add to that the fact that I tripped during the photo shoot and nearly broke my camera, myself, and my sunglasses. Hopefully you can see why I was starting to worry if I was cursed or something. Soon after I got home, even more problems cropped up. I just couldn’t believe what was happening. Was I in the middle of a string of bad luck?

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