Some of my favorites

favoriteOne of my favorite questions to ask kids, or even adults, about things is what was your favorite? What was your favorite vacation? What restaurants do you like the most? What is your favorite movie? Why do people want to know our favorites? Is it so they know what to get us when our birthday comes around? Perhaps, but I think we are sometimes looking for things in common. I also think favorites give insights into our personalities. For example, who is your favorite Disney character? At a minimum, they can be an interesting point of conversation. In reading my old journals, I have found it interesting what my favorites were way way back, so I am going to try to list some of my favorites now.

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Harry Potter time

Documenting my life quest could never be complete without a mention of Harry Potter, and since this is the week that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 was released in movie theaters, I think this is a good time for this post.

The Harry Potter series is amazing for my family and me. I can’t think of any other books, outside of religious ones, that my entire family has been involved with. The books have created a commonality for us, which I am always hoping for as a father. For me personally, Harry Potter is fiction I care about. What I mean is that I almost exclusively limit myself to reading non-fiction. With my work as a technical writer and all of the side things I am trying to learn, I spend a lot of work and personal time reading. So, with what reading time I have, I don’t spend it on fiction. In fact, even with Harry Potter, I don’t read it, but listen to the audio versions of the books. This let’s me enjoy all of the benefits of the story but at a time when I am either too tired to read or cannot read, such as while cycling or going to sleep.

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