To manage or not to manage – decison making

This week, I need to clear my head more than ever. About three months ago, my manager opened up a position to hire a manager for our group. To this point, we have been reporting directly to him, a director in our company. He has wanted to hire a manager for quite a while, In fact, about a year ago, he got the OK, but then that requisition was taken away. At that time, I was not interested at all in being the manger and didn’t’ think much of it.

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Business cards lost and more

I’m mad at myself for losing out on a nice little opportunity this week. For about a year now, I have wanted to order some business cards from a particular online vendor for my photography business. The nice thing about these cards is that I can use my photos as the background for the card. The really nice thing about these cards is that in a pack of 50 or 100 cards, I can make everyone unique. In other words, I can use 50 different pictures for my 50 card order if I want. I know some of you are asking why I would want to do that, but in a photography business, each card advertises your product right there. Now, realistically, I would not create 50 different cards, but I would make a variety of them. Anyway, a month ago, my Web hosting site partnered with this company and I could get 100 cards for free. I was excited about this news and planned to take advantage of it. This past weekend, I went to create my cards and discovered that the offer had expired and I had missed the deadline by one day. So, here was a nice opportunity lost for no good reason, just procrastination on my part. It made me think of the many other opportunities I have lost because of procrastination.

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