An ideal day in the life?

The other day I was feeling a bit guilty about some things I should be doing every day, like working out, and haven’t made it a habit yet. A bit later, I though of a few more things I should do, like taking vitamin supplements, and I began to feel a bit concerned. There are so many things I should do every day. Is there really time to do them all? And if I do them all, what time is left for doing the many things I don’t’ do every day, but should do every week or every month? Now, all of a sudden, all of my time is allocated and I don’t even have time allocated for relaxation and fun, unless those are part of the list, in which case I don’t’ think I have enough time.

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Simplicity and speaking in church

Simplicity is the ultimate sophisticationSpeaking in church and simplicity – this is what is on my mind this week. Let me give a little background here. In my church, we do not have a paid ministry. The leader of my local congregation has a regular job and the members do many different tasks in the Church, such as teaching Sunday School, working with the youth, and speaking in church. Well, last week, I was asked to speak. In the past, I have had many experiences speaking publicly, but in recent years, these opportunities have not been as frequent. Add to this the fact that I naturally just freak out and expect myself to give the perfect speech and the whole experience is can be quite stressful. I do want to add that since everyone in my congregation gets a chance to speak, it is only fair that I “willingly” take my turn.

Along with being asked to speak, I was given a topic, or I should say some material on which to base my speech. The material is about simplifying our lives, especially at he times in our life when things are difficult or stressful. So, since I was asked, I have been reviewing the material and thinking about what I might say.

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