Stress – Symptoms of stress

For me, at times I can tell I am stressed. My heart seems to race, my body becomes tight,  and my stomach might even act up a bit. At other times, things place stress on my body, like a physical injury would, that my mind doesn’t even realize is stress. The only way I know it was stress is by examining the symptoms.

The more I learn about stress and it’s symptoms, the more horrified I am that, what I use to think of as just a nuisance, causes an incredible amount so suffering, chronic illness, and worse. It is the silent threat disguised in sheep’s clothing. If more people were aware of its implications, I think we would be far better off as a world. However, it is not my intent at this time to start a global awareness campaign. Rather, I want to list a few of the symptoms of stress I have discovered on the internet. Some of these I have suffered with, and it was only by seeing that they can be caused by stress that I realized the danger of stress. Before this, I just thought I had a series of unrelated or maybe some related symptoms caused by who knows what. And not knowing what the “what” is makes it hard to address the problem. All you can do is try to mask the symptoms. But knowing the cause, you can attack the cause.

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My worst Friday the 13th ever

Yesterday was the worst Friday the 13th I can remember! (Note: I do not use exclamation points very often) Why? Well, let me vent a bit and say. First of all, after 11+ years of service with my company, today was my last day. Two days earlier, they called a mandatory meeting for a select group of us and told us, who represented all of the people in Utah working on a particular project, that we were being laid off in an effort to consolidate sites and our last day would be Friday. Bullarky!! Just say it; upper management, in this case based out of India, thinks his country is the solution because you get so much more for your money in India. I am not opposed to people in India, but with wages rising twenty percent a year, it won’t be long until a new upper management leader from China does the same to them. So, let’s throw out all the experience and expertise and start over somewhere else. This will save money. In the case of my job function, no transfer of knowledge at all, which is ridiculous and stupid beyond stupid. But this post is about me, not the company, so back to me.

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Is it a miracle cure?

As I get older, more and more things cease to work on my body like they use to. For example, my fingernails are so much thinner than they use to be. I’m not sure why but I don’t like my nails tearing so easily. My skin gets all sorts of dry patches that don’t tan and look funny. My back seems to always be a bit sore, along with my neck. My muscles seem to always be tight around my neck. My ability to get the amount of sleep I need is terrible, so I always feel tired. There are just a few examples; these are things I didn’t need to worry about 10 to 20 years ago. So now, I need to be more interested in my health.

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