To slow down or not to slow down

Slow downI’m still not back to “normal,” whatever that means, from all of my health issues, but many of the issues are getting a lot better. Hopefully  the remaining ones will get better soon. It has been a long road, and quite a strange road at that. So, with that in mind, understand that my posts are not back to normal either, or maybe this is the new norm. When my health issues started, everything started slowing to a halt. The only focus was to get better. A month or so into my issues, the focus was to try to get some normalcy back into my life. I started working out a bit and trying to take on a few small projects to keep me occupied. Now, I have come all the way back to trying to take on more than I can possibly do. Have I come back too far?

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Stress – Relief from stress – 24 things I try to do

As I have been trying to figure out how to deal with my stress-related chronic illness, I have tried to find any means possible to get relief. Some things work, some things don’t work, some things work some of the time and not others. The whole journey has been a difficult path, but one that I needed to take; otherwise, things would just get worse.

At this time, I want to capture what I have learned. For the most part, this is to remind me of what I have learned and cannot afford to forget. If this can benefit you, so much the better, but remember that I am just sharing work works for me. Each must find their own way; I can only share my experience.

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Simplicity and speaking in church

Simplicity is the ultimate sophisticationSpeaking in church and simplicity – this is what is on my mind this week. Let me give a little background here. In my church, we do not have a paid ministry. The leader of my local congregation has a regular job and the members do many different tasks in the Church, such as teaching Sunday School, working with the youth, and speaking in church. Well, last week, I was asked to speak. In the past, I have had many experiences speaking publicly, but in recent years, these opportunities have not been as frequent. Add to this the fact that I naturally just freak out and expect myself to give the perfect speech and the whole experience is can be quite stressful. I do want to add that since everyone in my congregation gets a chance to speak, it is only fair that I “willingly” take my turn.

Along with being asked to speak, I was given a topic, or I should say some material on which to base my speech. The material is about simplifying our lives, especially at he times in our life when things are difficult or stressful. So, since I was asked, I have been reviewing the material and thinking about what I might say.

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