My grown up little girl

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It’s hard to believe, but my beautiful little Erin moves out tomorrow to go to college. It feels like only five or maybe ten years ago since I was holding her tiny newborn body in my arms, and wondering how I could ever handle such a huge responsibility. And it seems like only a couple of years ago that she was completing elementary school. Now she is all grown up and so anxious to be off to face the world.

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Farewell friend

Today, Father called home my friend
One I grew up with
One I have known the longest
One that called me brother
Doesn’t He how it hurts?
Doesn’t He know we had things still to do?
Doesn’t He know the longing to hear your laugh again?
Doesn’t He?
He knows
And He has called you to take the next step with your sister and father
And He has asked me to take courage and soon we will embrace again

This week I said goodbye to my friend Marie that I have known longer than any other outside of my family. She lost her battle with cancer and passed on the anniversary of her father’s death 42 years earlier. She was 52 years young. She left behind a husband, six children, two grandchildren, and a mother.

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