Can roaches really survive a nuclear war?

RoachI’ve been thinking about how hard things have been at work this past year and trying to analyze it to see what I can learn. A year ago, I was given the most difficult writing project I have ever had. The assignment was to work on an extremely high profile product that needed me to do more work in a very short amount of time than ever before. Add to this the following challenges:

  • Working within a new development process that was not designed for writers (our version of scrum) and makes getting my job done much more difficult.
  • Finding time to train a brand new writer while still trying to meet aggressive writing deadlines.
  • Losing that writer due to layoffs just as she was trained and being shorthanded at the worst possible time.
  • Losing the other writer that was helping me at the same time I lost the first writer for five weeks.
  • Being given two new contract writers in Russia that speak English as a second language and needing to train both of them on the product and writing.

I had what I felt was an almost impossible task . More recently, even more bad things have been happening at work that don’t create more work, but make my job a lot less enjoyable. So, what am I to do and how do I survive?

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