London, Paris, Italy, and vacations

venice italy canalI just got back from a vacation with my wife and one of my daughters to London, Paris, and Italy. It was two and a half weeks of forgetting normal responsibilities, seeing new things, experiencing fascinating cultures, and being with people I love – awesome!

Coming home from such great adventures is always hard for me. I mean there are good things, like seeing my other children and the comforts of home, but I would be happy to still be out there in vacation world for just a bit longer. A friend of mine that just returned from a similar trip said it was nice to be back at home sweet home. I don’t feel this way. What does this say about me?

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NDCA National Amateur Dancesport Championships

All of my children are involved in what is commonly referred to as ballroom dancing – the stuff you see on “Dancing with the Stars.” The more accurate term for what they do is dancesport. This means they have set partners or teams and they compete against other couples and teams. Dancesport is divvied into several categories. The most common two are Latin (Cha-cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, and Jive) and Ballroom (Waltz, Fox trot, Quick Step, Viennese Waltz, and Tango), which was formerly known as Standard. Are you confused? Well, so am I. Just replace the term dancesport  with competitive ballroom dancing.

This last week was the National Dance Council of  America (NDCA) National Amateur Dancesport Championships, which are held each year at Brigham Young University (BYU); we just call it Nationals. Nationals is the biggest dancesport event of the year for our family and one of the biggest dacnesport events in the country.  Nationals to us is like Wimbledon to tennis players.

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A string of bad luck? It’s all good!

This past week, I was having what I thought was a string of bad luck. I went on vacation and had all sorts of problems with my car battery. I suspected it was something simple but feared it could be something much more major. We kept needing to jump start the car. I even had one of those portable jump starting devices, but it wouldn’t do the job. Also, while on vacation, I did a photo shoot and things did not go so well. I made a lot of poor choices during the shoot and the pictures were not coming out good at all. Then, after the shoot, I accidentally deleted all of my pictures from my memory card. Then, to compound my stupidity, instead of remembering that I could still recover the pictures from the memory card if I did not put any new files on the card, I put a ton of new files on the card. Add to that the fact that I tripped during the photo shoot and nearly broke my camera, myself, and my sunglasses. Hopefully you can see why I was starting to worry if I was cursed or something. Soon after I got home, even more problems cropped up. I just couldn’t believe what was happening. Was I in the middle of a string of bad luck?

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Oh, to be back at Lake Powell

The most recent major activity in my life was my annual trip to Lake Powell, which is a part of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in the southern part of Utah in the United States. This is a fun and unique trip for me. I spend about 5 days, 24×7 with my family and about twenty other people, some that I hardly know at the start of the trip, on a houseboat in a lake in the middle of the desert in one hundred degree plus temperatures. So, why is it so much fun?

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