From Spock to Bill Gates to Mark Rothko – an evolution

Mark Rothko Painting

I have been accused of being stubborn, sometimes very stubborn. In many ways, it is deserved. For sure if I were on the outside looking at me, I would be willing to bet that my attitudes towards certain aspects of life or the world would probably never change, but they have, at least in one direction, which amazes me.

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Thank you Van Gogh

Stary Night by Vincient Van GoughGrowing up, art has never been my thing. I thought of it as extraneous to the important things in life, like business and science. As I have gotten older, I have developed a much greater appreciation for, and even a recognition of, the importance of art in life. Maybe this came with more exposure to art. But, even with this, I didn’t understand art, at least I didn’t understand what made something art and I didn’t love art, until Van Gogh.

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