Today was a good day

Today was a good day

As I get ready for bed this Saturday night, I think to myself that today has been a good day. I got a lot done and have much to be grateful for. Is everything perfect? No, not even close, in fact there seems to be a lot wrong right now, but I cannot let that stop me from recognizing all of the good. Also, if one cannot be happy unless everything is perfect, then one is guaranteed never to be happy.

Yes, I am still having weird health problems, but I can still do a lot of the normal things, including help haul our new 225-pound elliptical trainer into the house without having a heart attack. Compare this to  my friend who is recovering with her third bought of cancer. Her lungs are so damaged from the cancer surgeries and treatments that she has hardly any stamina and needs to haul around an oxygen tank so she can breathe. Plus, her problems are making it extra hard to get hired; either it turns potential employers away or she can’t effectively do the needed work. And yet through it all she remains positive. In fact, she is one of the most optimistic people I know and very uplifting. So, what do I have to complain about.

Today I was able to kind of fix a part of the door frame that I broke when I had to kick in the door after we locked ourselves out. It is a hassle to fix and I will still need to put in a few more hours of work to really repair it. If only we had still had our spare key available or my son hadn’t locked the door when we all went out. Compare this to my friends that lost there house because the husband lost his job and was unable to find good employment for three years. Now he faces additional challenges getting jobs because they do credit checks on you before they hire you these days. So, what do I have to complain about.

Today, I wanted to watch a movie or something with the whole family, since we were all home, but some members of my family were so apathetic about it and just wanted to watch their own TV series. We have so few chances to be together as a family and here was an opportunity lost. Instead, I spent about thirty minutes in one of my daughter’s room just chatting with her about nothing special and enjoying her company. How great that was and what do I have to complain about.

Today, I saw my friend I closely worked with for eleven years. We have formed quite a bond over the years and I really enjoy his friendship. We both got laid off at the same time, so we hardly see each other anymore. Partially due to the layoff, his wife has accepted a job on the other side of the country, and they will be moving soon. I will really miss him, but he did finally sell me a digital camera he owns that I have coveted for a long time and he rarely uses, not to mention he sold us his elliptical trainer for a great price. I will really miss him, but he (actually his wife) invited me to come visit and we can easily email. Plus, this is what they really want, so I am happy for them and what do I have to complain about.

Today I spent a lot of time organizing and putting away junk in the garage. Others are always cluttering up the garage. If someone no longer wants, something, they throw it in the garage and I am left to figure out what to do with it. It is so irritating. Compare this with another close co-worker that packed up his family and moved here for work from New Zealand, thinking he would be here for two or three years. Six months later, he was laid off with me and no one will hire him because of his visa status. So, he sold everything, uprooted his family, and is starting over in the UK. He had to pay his own way there, is desperately looking for a job, and trying to find a place to live, which he cannot get until he gets a job. An exciting opportunity for him, but a huge set of challenges, stress, and lots of unknowns and risks. So, what do I have to complain about.

Yes, today was a good day. In fact, I might forget it at times when I start to wallow in my own problems, but every day is a good day. The only days that are not so good, are the days I forget how much I have.

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