The uncertain road ahead

Uncertain road ahead of usMany times, I have heard something like this: “The future is not written and the course is not set. We do not know what lies ahead for us. We do not know what obstacles will come our way.” So, what can we do about the future? This is what I have been wondering in the case of my future employment. I cannot control the future, but I can take my best shot at preparing for it.

It has been a few months since I started my new job now. I still don’t know how things will turn out and how long it will last, but I am in a relative calm as far as employment goes, so what’s the problem? Well, there is no doubt that this job will not last forever. There is also no doubt that options for employment decline. This is in part because I have moved up the ladder in my field and because I am getting older. Knowing this, I need to make plans. Now, when I say plans, I do not mean that I go out of control and try to plan for every possible contingency. No, this would be impossible and I would spend my life planning instead of living. No, all I mean is that I need to take a few high-level actions and start working towards something with the knowledge I have.

As a writer, I am worried that more  and more writing jobs are being moved overseas. In some ways this makes sense to me, but in other ways, I really don’t see that it saves money in the long run. Of course, the decision makers are not asking me my opinion and I don’t need to get into it at this time. Knowing this trend, I need to make plans for what I plan to do about it. Do I pursue another side business? Do I go into an area of writing that is harder to offshore? Do I look at going into a slightly different career? Do I dive into another way to make money, such as the stock market or real estate? This is a really hard question. There doesn’t seem to be a clear answer. Unfortunately, if  I do not choose something, my default choice will be to just do nothing and my risk of having few or no options increases. So, right now,I I have more options than next year or maybe even next month. What do I do?

When faced with similar difficult challenges in the past, and when there is no clear answer, I seem to hedge my bet or take a hybrid solution. I already have a side-business, so I can continue to grow it. I have some businesses I would like to pursue, so maybe I spend a little more time with them. Right now is a great time to get into real estate, so maybe this is where I should put some time. And maybe, I can explore starting a business that will take me into a slightly different area of writing, an area where I can control my destiny more. At the same time, I need to make sure I do not spread myself too thin, which is why getting started sooner is better than later. Acting soon is important. My philosophy  is that if you keep working at something, even if it is a little, it will make a difference. If you do nothing until things become critical, your chances of success are diminished, your options are more limited, and the amount of benefit is reduced.

Another warning I want to give myself is that sometimes I don’t move forward until I am pretty sure of things. Well, I certainly don’t ant to go the wrong direction, but I have to move. I can take a small step in the general right direction and hopefully the step after will be more clear. It is a lot easier to see a day or  week ahead of me than a yer or ten years.

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