Seven weeks and eleven web sites

Building multiple web sites

Well, in seven weeks, I have created eleven new web sites. These web sties range from ones selling books and watches to ones that help others buy and sell products with each other. I have even created a technical writing and product review blog. Why? Well, three reasons: I am unemployed and have the time, I am unemployed and need to work on a way to make some money, and I am unemployed and need to constructively occupy y time.

About fifteen years ago, when the Web was young, I created two simple Web pages. One page included a table of the standard aquarium fish tank sizes. The other page included a table that listed the common types of freshwater aquarium fish and some characteristics about them. I created these pages to draw people in so they would click on a link to an electronic fish book I wrote and was trying to sell. I pretty much forgot about those two pages until two years ago when it dawned on me to put a Google ad on it – the kind that pays you each time someone clicks. Well, these two pages started earning me about $50 a month and have been doing so for two years. They are fantastic. The best return on my time ever. It also helps that these two pages are visited by about 1000 visitors a day. I have no idea why, but I am not complaining.

So, here I am unemployed and trying to build on that success. I don’t expect to get rich on this or even make a living, because that would take full-time. What I am hoping is that while I have some time, I can build some foundations for sites that hopefully can grow in popularity over time and bring in some more money. My goal is to increase my earnings from about two dollars a day to ten dollars a day by the end of this year. As it turns out, I think this goal will be harder to reach than I originally thought, because there is so much competition out there and I am still trying to discover and implement the secrets of doing this, but I think I can do it, which explains the eleven sites so far. None of them will probably be huge money makers, but hopefully everything will add up and I will learn what works.

So, now I have eleven sites that need a lot of nursing to get them going. This is actually where the real work begins. The work is not as much in building the sties or even creating content for the sites, it is marketing the sites and getting people to come and to keep coming back. So for the next few weeks or maybe even months now, I am going to do what I can to get the momentum going on these sites. Hopefully when this is all said and done, I will have learned what works and what does not and put up some more sites that will be based on a lot more expertise than I have now. I might also be able to afford to outsource some of the work. In the meantime, I am excited to see if these sites can grow and what they will become.

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